About us

Anágua Filmes is an independent filmmaking company founded in 2005 and dedicated to documentaries, fiction and animation filmes for theatrical, TV and streaming. The producer Lia Nunes runs the company.

Anágua’s third feature film, Meeting Einstein, is in post-production and will be released in the begging of 2023.

Before Meeting Einstein, we co-produced the feature film Seas of Exile (2021) and Bobbin Lace (2013), by Sandra Alves, with Vagaluzes Filmes. We also made three medium-lenght documentaries for TV Brasil in association with Anthares Multimeios. Two of them, with ethnographic content, were shot in Brazilian indigenous territory.

Other credits include two short animation films: Tota and the Magic Boy, a stop-motion animation that took part of Programadora Brasil – Brazilian Ministry of Culture Collection, and TRUPZ, a traditional 2D animation, licensed to Sao Paulo State Department of Culture to be released in their media.