Roof Cat




Synopsis: (1913) Meneghetti, an Italian thief lands in Sao Paulo and becomes the most famous jewel thief in the country, proving a public duel with the bourgeoisie and the local police, instigated by the sensationalist media.

This live-action feature film takes place in Sao Paulo (Brazil) city in the old days (1913). Based on real events, it tells the story of Gino Amleto Menenghetti, an Italian immigrant thief, super famous for its heists and escapes that chocked Sao Paulo in the beginning of the twentieth century.

Slim, short and carrying a thick accent, Meneghetti won the hearts of the kids from his time, telling stories about his fantastics escapes, either running from the police on the rooftops or getting out of jail.

The project obtained a development funding and now is looking for productions fundings.  To take part on it, get in touch with us.